Christmas Fairs...or not?!


I have read many times that successful people are not necessarily the most intelligent or experienced, but those who are able to adapt when things don't go to plan. Well, with that in mind, this week has certainly been our first challenge. We should have been getting ready for our first ever craft fair and our first opportunity to meet some of you lovely people. Unfortunately, Lockdown 2 has meant that this has been postponed to the 5/6 December. Obviously, the lockdown had been determined to be the best course of action and we want to do everything we can to reduce the spread of the virus so it’s a strange emotion to deal with.

The redirection of our focus went into making the website as good as can be before launching on Tuesday. This involved turning my mums, brothers and our houses into studios for photo shoots with little bubbles of Christmas popping up here and there - much to the delight of Kasia and the kids. I have finally conceded and agreed that next weekend we can decorate one room for Christmas (just for product photos you understand). We have a few more Christmas products in development and can’t wait to present them to you!


James x

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