Our first fair!!


We finally did one!!

What a weekend! We had so much fun at the Rushden Lakes Handmade and Vintage Fair last weekend, despite the atrocious weather. It seems like a long time ago now, but all of last week, during the build up, we were getting more and more nervous. As the fair was running over two weekends, and we were on the second, we had a cheeky visit the week before to scope out the competition (or just look for inspiration) and we were amazed by the amount of people there. This just added to the pressure and excitement. We also realised that we didn't have any sign to tell people who we are... cue up the first panic! Luckily, the awesome people at Koh Designs were able to design and turn around an awesome banner in super quick time and enabling us to look extra professional on the stall.

Another problem, well, not really a bad problem, a nice problem if you will, but one of our amazing customers ordered 22 rainbows in that week too which meant that our stall stock was heavily diminished - that'll be some late nights then! Drilling, sanding, painting and waxing ourselves to sleep but we did it and the display looked great - even if I do say so myself!

So the night before our 5am wake up was pretty much sleepless - a mixture of excitement and panic that we either didn't have enough stock and that we would sell out in minutes (a very optimistic worry) or not selling a thing and it looking very amateur.

In the morning, bleary eyed, we piled on the layers, loaded up with coffee and some breakfast and packed the car. The whole thing went pretty smoothly and before we knew it we were set up and welcoming the first people having a browse.

We ended up freezing our pants off but having a great time. The other stall holders were all very friendly, especially next door to us. Nicola of Peony & Pine was really lovely and lots of encouraging advice for us. We would really like to thank her again for her support and chat all weekend.

Thanks also to all of our family and friends that came along to support us through the weekend.

All in all, a brilliant first experience and now we are raring to go for the next one! Bring on Wicksteed on the 21st. (Covid permitting!)

Lessons to take forward:

  • Hand and feet warmers are essential for Christmas markets!
  • Take a thermos of hot water - buying coffees can get very expensive!
  • Plan you stall layout beforehand - on the dining table - but be prepared to tweak it when setting up for real.
  • Take market clips - the more the better!
  • Speak to other stall holders - its a lovely community - they all have great advice and experiences to share.
  • Don't stress and have fun!



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