About Us

Our origin story…

Kasia and I met in 2016 when she lived in London, we hit it off immediately and, fast forward 3 years she moved in with me in our home in Wellingborough. The Northamptonshire countryside is a world away from the city and in spending weekends exploring the area, we really fell in love with the country lanes, canals and fields. This ignited our passion for reducing our environmental impact through reducing our footprint, reusing / repairing what we could and recycling.

In 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic we both lost our jobs. I was in Engineering and was looking forward to developing my career into design office management, and Kasia was in management and logistics. Faced with an abundance of time on our hands, we were able finish all of the projects around the house that were planned and half started - Kasia has always been very creative and, tried of forgetting great ideas, she started to write them down in a book. Before long, the one book had turned into many and I was contributing to them also. In a similar vein, I have always been keen on woodworking and completed many projects over the years. Once, all the house jobs were done, we turned to the design books and decided to bring to life some of the ideas. We were impressed with the results and when we got great feedback from our friends and family we decided that now would be a great time to try to make something from our skills and ideas.

But what to call ourselves – this has been the hardest part! Many conversations were had before we chose the only thing that made sense – the design books that sparked the creativity – Book Of Styling Designs was born!

Our love of the environment and our countryside has driven us to use reclaimed materials wherever we can. We also ensure that all our packaging is recycled and able to be recycled and reused and continually seek ways to further reduce our impact within the business.