BBC Radio Northampton interview! 08.04.2021


That was nerve wracking! This afternoon we were interviewed for the first time as Bosing Designs! I did the talking and Kasia was the emotional support while pointing to my notes and poking my ribs. Despite that I think we did ok, and we have had some lovely feedback too.

It was a bit of a surprise to be approached by the station last week with a request for an interview with Bernie Keith as part of a round-robin with 2 other small businesses. Of course we eagerly accepted regardless of my severe stage fright and so began a week of ever building apprehension and constant rehearsing the answers to every possible question relating to our business.

After accepting the invitation, one of the researchers send me a list of questions and confirmed our time slot. We replied to these in writing. These were to give the team and Bernie some background and allow him to drive the interview and the conversation. Not having done this before I was expecting a question and answer session where Bernie would read out the questions and I would read out the answers. Obviously this would have came across as terrible radio. In reality he used the information I provided to have a conversation about our business. He was really friendly and put me at ease. When I started to falter he took the lead and spoke for a few sentences, this allowed me to gather my composure and follow on with more confidence. The interview wrapped up with loads of plugs and reiterating the website and insta accounts. Brilliant.

My fear was (as always) unnecessary and it worked out well. My advice to anyone having interviews like this for the first time is to trust the professionals - the interviewers know what they are doing and know how to make it all go smoothly and sound good - its their job!

In the end I had a great experience and Bernie was great - bring on the next one!

Now, where's that wine...

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