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  • Following up on your urgent enquiry. I apologize that I could not call you sooner…

    I recently lost my phone and could not reach your CEO. I’m currently using a new company phone and I could only remember your website. Thats why I decided to contact here.

    If you are a customer service rep. Could you do me a favour and forward this message to him. (As its really important)

    A quick reminder that he contacted us regarding an issue with Paypal Hold + Disables.

    We provide Hong Kong Paypal Solution For Unlimited Scaling + Paypal Dedicated Insider/Rep. On top of that we also work with Paypal Insiders to help with Paypal Unbans + Removal of Limitations + Holds.

    We assist clients in opening up Hong Kong companies and getting strong whitelisted PayPal to scale their ecommerce store. We will help you set up a HK corporation and introduce you to one of my PayPal insiders/reps. Our insider will help underwrite your HK PayPal and have the limit raised to scale without holds.


    - Guided steps on opening a Cheap TAX HEAVEN HK Corporation
    - Getting Strong Whitelisted PayPal’s
    - Dedicated PayPal Insider/Rep (Account Manager)
    - Open unlimited PayPal’s with Strong Initial Limits (e.g. My PayPal started off with 300k monthly volume before it went into rolling balance/resets each month)
    - Advice on Virtual Banking & Where to handle funds.
    - Increase Cash Flow For Scaling
    - Drop-Shipping Friendly PayPal’s
    - Boost CVR By 1-3%
    -Unbans of old Paypals + Limitation Removals

    Our Paypal Representative will be in charge of handling your accounts and helping you if have any payment holds/issues. Having a personal PayPal rep is key to scaling

    I remember you were interested, and had a hard time following up because of my lost phone.

    You can contact me here to continue our free consultation,


    Warm regards,


    James L
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