It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Today was our first really nice frosty day after a couple of days of thick fog, I love walking Keira and crunching through the crispy grass. These morning walks give me time to reflect and plan what we will be working on during the day. Today's jobs included picture frames and centre piece boxes in preparation for the fair at Rushden Lakes this weekend (this will be our first after the previous two were cancelled - third time lucky - and we are going no matter what; lock down 3, earthquake, alien invasion, I don't care we will be there even if no one else is!)

As the weather turns colder, my little heaters are struggling and I'm having to work extra hard just to keep warm - I know why Father Christmas' elves are so productive now! I don't want to throw more energy at the problem so, as well as thinking warm thoughts of beaches and sunshine I've also decided on my next project and wondering where I can get some insulation from and start to turn the little workshop into an efficient eco space.

Kasia on the other hand is sat our toasty kitchen putting the finishing touches on another 56 rainbow tree hangings and knows not of the struggle.

We will post some pictures of the Rushden Lakes fair (to prove we made it!) after the weekend.



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