Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

The natural world drives our passion to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible. One way we make a difference is in the materials we use in our projects.

We select our materials from a variety of sources:

Reclaimed wood – this is obtained from renovation projects and reclamation yards. This wood is either hardwood or softwood and is good quality. It is generally dry and has little chance of warping or moving (providing it been stored well). Reclaimed wood often has an interesting history which we pass on to the customer who purchases the piece.
Surplus building materials – we get this material from building projects and sites. This is often construction timber and softwood. It typically comprises of offcuts but occasionally there are full lengths that are useful for us.
Pallet wood – we carefully select the pallets we use. They must be heat treated and we need to know the history of the pallets i.e. what was stored on them and where they were used to ensure we aren’t using contaminated wood in our projects. This is for ours and our customers safety.

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